Я хочу тут работать


BIG is the group of companies working with venture capital investments, ICO projects and accelerators. We provide services for management of the classic venture portfolio and full support of transactions with ICO for our clients, including risk assessment, the market, preparation of marketing materials, white paper, marketing campaigns, support on pre-sales and road shows.


BIG works with the group of private investors, as well as with one of the leading business angels in Russia. We deal with the management of their portfolios and also the search for new objects for investment.Over the past year, we have invested in several successful ICO and venture projects, and we plan to support several more teams in the coming months. 


We have a wide international network of experts, partners and investors who take an active part in working with our projects.


Our office is located at “Трехгорная Мануфактура”. We have irregular working schedule but have flexible schedule regarding start or working day.


Due to massive increase in number of new projects at the beginning of 2018 we are looking for a following candidates.